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Changes and Returns Policies

Policy of Changes and Returns in

1. Virmanik accepts exchanges of products purchased in its online store in any of the following cases:

  • The product is defective or is in poor condition.
  • The product does not match the original order of the client, it will be changed as long as the product is in its original state, without having been used and with its original packaging.

2. You will have up to 3 business days to notify us that your product arrived defective or in poor condition or to request a product exchange for another (as long as it has not been used). We cannot refund money or return products.

3. Changes in the Virmanik online store will be made for a product or several products of the same value as the product you want to change. If you choose a product of lesser value than the one you want to change, the difference will not be paid.

4. There are no changes in accessories (brushes, sponges, brushes and combs, mirrors, curling irons, tweezers, pencil sharpeners, profilers, eye masks and cosmetic bags) skin care and personal care products (in these last two cases it will only apply in case they are in poor condition). There are also no changes in discounted products, acquired during promotions, or gifts given in the purchase of some other product/s.

5. The use of products purchased at Virmanik is the responsibility of the consumer. Virmanik is not responsible for the consequences or reactions that these products may cause.

6. To request the exchange of a product purchased in the online store, you must complete the following steps:

    • Request the change within the first 3 business days after receiving the delivery of your order (Saturdays and Sundays will not be considered business days).
    • Send the change request or the incident with a product by mail to the address with an explanation of the reason for the change, as well as the details of the purchase order and receipt. In the same way, indicate why another product or products of the same value want to make the change.
    • In the event that the product has arrived in poor condition or defective, send evidence (photographs and videos) that verifies the condition of the product, attach them to the email.
    • In the event that you wish to return a product because you did not like it ( as long as the packaging has not been opened or you have used it ), the shipping costs will be at your expense. You will have to send the product to the address that we will provide you by email
    • In any case, you will have 10 calendar days to return the product in the same conditions in which you received it and without having used it. Send the product with the original packaging and labeling and in the same box or envelope in which you received it or, failing that, in a similar format that guarantees the return in perfect condition. Include your printed order receipt that you received along with the products in the package.
    • Once the product is received, Virmanik will verify its status, as well as that the product has not been altered or used. If the product is in good condition, the replacement product will be shipped within the next 3 business days.
7.- We reserve the right to cancel any purchase that shows indicators of illegal origin, our system can record different payment attempts, exceeding 3 attempts, it is declared suspicious and the cancellation of the purchase begins, if any. Part of the transaction has already been captured, we will contact you only by email to be able to refund the cash, and the goods will not be delivered to the registered address, until the legal origin of the purchase is clarified.

If after 90 days there is no clarification or response, the captured transaction will not be returned or refunded.